Around the world: explore background, analysis & debate to exhibitors projects for Venice Takeaway.
Crane TV
Video magazine has teamed up with Port magazine to produce this look at the British pavilion at the Venice Biennale.
Photographer Iwan Baan talks about “architecture without architects” - how residents have built their own homes in the unfinished Torre David skyscraper in Caracas.  With the 2012 Biennale Goldon Lion award going to the collaboration between Baan, Justin McGuirk and Urban-Think Tank for the Torre David/Gran Horizonte installation, what's the future for architects?
1301675_Planning Extension Image_by_Andreas_horn_Hornig
According to Nick Clegg, the latest proposed planning reforms will help 'get Britain building again'.  So is extending permitted development rights likely to prove a way of boosting housing supply and kick-starting the economy?
Preventing Suicide With Architecture
In the aftermath of the death of film director Tony Scott, online magazine Atlantic Cities noted architectural interventions aimed at stopping such tragedies.  But can – or even should - architecture be used to prevent suicide?
Dagenham Park Church
Is it possible to develop standardised school designs for dense & complex urban contexts?
Daniel Pudles 2108
Freeing up 1% of the green belt could provide 300,000 homes. Time to lose our myopic nostalgia and send in the bulldozers
An incisive analysis by the acclaimed Sinologist Julia Lovell, to get inside the politics of architecture and city-making in China.
Lyra Kilston of Icon visits the Center for Land Use Interpretation in Los Angeles, and finds 'They encourage us to look closer, to really be there'.
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From the archive: The Royal Institute of British Architects' report 'The Future for Architects?', from March 2011, was downbeat, but the profession retains its allure. As Jonathan Glancey finds out, even Justin Bieber wants to be one.
A short piece from BLDGBLOG highlights the discovery, earlier this year, of the remains of railway "roundhouses" outside York, England.